Industrial Cleaner

As a strong player in the cleaning and industrial projects industry, MPM International is at the forefront of industrial cleaning, chemical cleaning, and innovative techniques such as chemical cleaning, high pressure cleaning, vacuum cleaning, dry ice cleaning and laser. We are focused on finding people who are interested in joining us on a rewarding journey in this specialized field.

Job Position: Industrial Cleaner – Petroleum Products Cleaning

Location: Netherlands and Belgium


  • Mobility in communication in English.
  • VCA certificate (we can apply for you).
  • Driver’s license, optional type C.
  • Aim to build a career in industrial cleaning.
  • Cleaning experience (not required).

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary: 11-17 euros.
  • Opportunity for career and development.
  • Comprehensive training with certifications.
  • Ability to obtain a Class C license.
  • Demonstration of various cleaning techniques and technologies.
  • Expertise for career advancement within the company.

Job description:

Start as an assistant in a non-petroleum industry, helping with water-based cleaning.

Move into a Junior Trainee role, gaining hands-on experience on the truck and learning the ins and outs of cleaning the petrochemical industry.

Six months of training with the necessary certifications to pave the way for your future career in industrial cleaning.

Join us as we redefine the future of industrial and chemical cleaning with MPM International.


Additional Benefits:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses covered
  • Single-person room accommodation
  • Motivational system (opportunity to increase your salary every 3 months)

Rotation schedule: 6 weeks of work followed by 2 weeks of vacation


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