Professional scaffolding installation and insulation services abroad


About Us

MPM International is a company that offers professional scaffolding installation and insulation services abroad. Since our establishment in 2018, we have grown rapidly, and now have over 300 skilled employees. We work on various industrial projects, collaborating with major clients in the scaffolding and insulation sectors.
Our success is based on quality management and our employees’ professionalism. We strive to become a leader in the field, accepting challenges to improve. We prioritize high-quality service and offer good working conditions for our employees to enhance their skills and qualifications.


The main goal of the Company is to provide the customer with the highest quality service and to meet customer’s needs

Complex services

We pay special attention to the quality of the work performed and supervise each phase, applying the most innovative solutions


Reasons Why MPM International

MPM International have been engaged in the most crucial and prestigious infrastructure projects. Our teams work on a wide range of refinery, gas, construction and other industrial projects.

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience and can provide the necessary documentation for client clearance, such as the original certificate, etc., and even provide door-to-door services.

Advanced Technology

Experience the power of advanced technology and efficient production, thanks to our modern facilities and reliable partners who supply first-class products in the SCAFFOLDING and ISOLATION industries

High Quality

We use high-quality materials, advanced techniques, and follow stringent quality control processes to ensure that our services meet the highest standards.

Competitive price

Due to the powerful manufacturing capacity and inexpensive labour force, we offer competitive prices with great value for money that fit your budget.

Customer service

We provide tailored solutions that meet your project's needs. Whether it's designing a scaffolding system or selecting the right insulation materials, we prioritize customization to deliver optimal results.

Fast Delivery

Benefit from our robust production management system, highly efficient machines, and strategic proximity to the port, guaranteeing streamlined operations and enhanced logistical advantages.

Our Projects

Installation of scaffolding is a complex job that requires special knowledge and experience. Our specialists are proficient in their job, so they can easily and safely install scaffolding systems and provide installations works tailored to your specific requirements

At our company, safety and quality take center stage. Our ultimate objective is to leave every customer satisfied and delighted. We meticulously oversee each phase of the project, employing cutting-edge solutions and upholding the highest standards of workmanship