Health and Safety

A Core Aspect of Our Business​

Health and safety are integral aspects of business management, and therefore, the principles of safe work are fully incorporated into MPM International’s operational processes. 

In line with this, the company places special emphasis on identifying risks posed by hazards, assessing the probability and severity of potential consequences, and planning appropriate actions to eliminate or reduce the existing risks.

VCA Certification

Ensuring Safety and Compliance​

VCA certification: demonstrates our commitment to safety and compliance. It confirms that we have implemented a comprehensive safety management system, ensuring safe working conditions and adhering to recognized standards.

VCU Certification

Safety in Contracting

VCA certification: ensures a safe work environment for our employees and contracted workers. It signifies our dedication to implementing rigorous safety measures and risk management practices in all aspects of our contracting services.

NEN4400-2 Certification

for Fair Compensation

UAB “MPM International” conducts its operations with utmost transparency and responsibility, which is why the company also holds the NEN4400-2 certificate.

This certification signifies that the company pays its employees wages in compliance with Dutch legislation.